A Guide To Buy A Weighted Vest


Traditionally, people tend to workout carrying weights in their hands or wear them like bracelets to make their workouts more intense and to burn more calories. To perform very intense workouts the weighted vest has to be a snug fit and should have some cushion for safety reasons. Alternatively, you can use vests for muscle building and strengthening too.
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Tips For Buying Weighted Vest
You should be clear in what activity you are going to use the vest. The activity you do plays a vital role in selecting a vest that fits you, to the amount of weight added. If you opt to buy the heaviest vest and use it for jogging then it may not feel comfortable and reduce your workout time and the same way if you buy a vest which is very light for running then that may neither solve the purpose so be sure on what your intention is.

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Will you be able to adjust the weight?
If you buy a heavy vest, you might feel it to be too hard and further if you can’t adjust it to make you feel comfortable then there is no use in buying a vest which you will not use frequently. So look for an adjustable vest so you can adjust the weight ranging from 2.5lbs you can keep increasing the weight you desire.

It may feel comfortable initially but once you start with your workout and don’t have balanced weights, then that is again going to bother you. Even when you remove weights be sure you do it evenly both in front and back equally.

Before buying these vests do a search on the various vests and their prices, which will give you, an idea on which is cheaper and which is expensive.

When you tend to use it for a longer period of time or when you don’t use it effectively, then it may lead to problems.

· There are a lot of positive things to look for when compared to the risks it contains.
· Increases your stamina and in turn, you can become muscular.
· There may be phases when your body doesn’t react to any of the exercises you do or can see any changes with proper diet. It is not a problem as such and having add-ons like weighted vest can make a major difference.
· Using a weighted vest doesn’t just increase your body strength but improves your cardio health as well. Holding on to extra weight makes your body does an extra job in turn the output is much better.

Bone Mass
Your body would have gotten used to carrying your weight and when you add extra weight to your body it increases the bone strength to hold additional weight.

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