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Look Out For Fashionable Attires To Suit Your Figure

anf_113715_01_model1The successful way to become a determined Fashionista is to comprehend how to wear dresses that flatter you according to your body category. Everyone may differ in their body type. So, one should understand their body type and wear dresses that make them look dashing. Are you excited to know about THANKSGIVING DAY discount? Just click onto to grab the discounts offered by and fill in your closet with the trendy dresses of this season.

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Now let’s focus on the learning about the attires that suits different body types.
An hourglass shaped body is believed to be perfect because the waist is well defined in the center and the weight of the body is distributed equally between top and bottom. Women of hourglass shaped body type can go for slim fit pants, v-neck tops, pencil skirts and well-fitted sheath outfits to enhance their innate curves.

Triangle shaped body
Triangle shaped body is referred as Pear shaped body. Here, the lower trunk looks wider and does not look proportionate to the upper region, but the waistline is well defined in a pear shaped body.
The challenge here is to make the triangle shaped body appear like an hourglass-shaped body type and to create a balanced body shape the visual attention can be diverted towards the upper body and make the other parts hidden.

Inverted triangle shaped body
Triangle shaped body, and inverted triangle shaped body are disproportionate. Here the waistline is well defined whereas the upper trunk region is wider compared to the lower body. Again the challenge here is to make an inverted triangle shaped body appear as an hourglass shaped body. You will have to follow the same trick as you did in triangle shaped body but slightly upside down. That is, here the visual attention can be diverted towards the lower body and make the other parts hidden. You can match your tops with an A-line skirt or printed pants, and eye-catching shoes can do the magic.

Oval shaped body
This type of body shape is commonly said to be apple shaped body. Here the waist line is not well defined, and the body has a thick trunk with slim legs. The trick that makes you appear as an hourglass-shaped body is by creating a visual equilibrium between the top and the bottom portion of the body and makes an impression as a well-defined waist. You can use a belt and wear printed or an A-line dress that looks fitting around the hips and widens down to distract eyes away from you protruding stomach.

By using the styling principles given above you can find out attires that suit your body type and look impressive.

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