Trendy Straight Razors That Lead The Market

straight-razor-600x300The straight razor popularly known as the barber’s razor is one of the prominent shaving accessories that trends the current era. The straight razor blades are also known by other names such as the cut throat razor, single blade razor or true razor. The best straight razor is an ideal gifting option for men. A scientific approach to straight razor shaving is presented through The straight razors can revolutionize the daily shaving routine. A straight razor shave represents the authentic form of shaving. It requires ample practice and patience. A straight razor shave allows you to experience the ecstasy of finer things in life. This article features the various straight razors that rule the contemporary world.

The trending straight razors
Dovo Forestal straight razor is renowned for its brilliant quality. The characteristic features of this straight razor are durability, performance, dexterity and sharpness. The Dovo Forestal straight razor is made of a cutting-edge carbon steel body which augments the quality and durability of the razor. It comprises of a wooden handle that distributes the weight equally for a clean shave. The razor owing to its refined metal combination requires very low maintenance. The length of this straight razor is around 5 to 8 inches which are ideally compact to be stored in any cupboard. The stunning curve of the wooden handle represents a masterpiece creation. This razor tops the chart for its quality, pricing and performance.

Straight razor from GB Buckingham and Sons is an ideal choice for shaving enthusiasts. This straight razor enters the market with a comprehensive kit. The kit comprises of essential accessories such as the leather, cloth and strap. These accessories are carefully chosen to augment the user experience. The premium quality strop which is provided in the kit sharpens the straight razor with ease. The quality of the steel used in the razor is toughened to HRC 61. This toughened steel adds to the durability of the razor. The straight razor also comes along with a lifetime warranty. It is reasonably priced and is the best buy for beginners.

Razolution straight razor manufactured by the Simba Tec is unique in terms of retaining the edge of the razor for a long period. The Simba Tec being the foremost razor manufacturers in the world, produce straight razors with well-balanced features. The Razolution straight razor is reasonably priced making it the best alternative in terms of economic value. The reliable and easy to use blade enhances the performance of the razor. The razor is customized based on the daily needs. It is preferred by travelers on a large-scale owing to its quality and portability.

Max Sprecher straight razor by Bison is a masterpiece choice for shaving enthusiasts who look out for an artistic experience. This straight razor considers the user experience as the vanguard. The straight razor is renowned for its quality, substance and artistic style. The carbon steel used for the blade is of premium quality that adds to its durability. The unified handle of the razor is made of carbon fiber that adds to its charm. Max Sprecher straight razor is a signature variant intended to satisfy the needs of the elite section.

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